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About Us

Arandas born on April 13, 2005 as a full-service auto repair, since we made a serious, honest, and guaranteed promise in which our primary concern is the satisfaction of our customers.

Arandas Auto Services has a team of professional diagnosis, a staff with the capacity and expertise to meet the needs of your car, visit us we would be happy to assist you.


Regular Service


Check belts and rubber ducts each month. Change worn, damaged or chopped straps.

Diagnostic Services

The computer diagnosis is crucial for correcting electronic failures of all modules.

Vehicle Inspection

From November 1, 2008 the state of North Carolina changed the sheets to electronic inspection sheets.
Brake System

When it comes to safety, no system of the car is more important than the brake system. To ensure its optimal state should be checked at least once a year.

Engine System

When dirty excess oil (engine damaged), petrol (poorly tuned) or charcoal (fruit of the previous two)

The Transmission

The Transmission Group is comprised of mechanisms that transform the motion of the engine to the drive wheels with this system also generate changes in the speed

Steering Wheel

Rotating the threads causes them to screw in and out of the components. …

Production Circuit

This circuit is composed of a generator can be a DYNAMO in the oldest cars that would responsible for producing DC or an alternator.

Check Engine

If your vehicle turns backlighting first check the CHECK ENGINE light problem.