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Arandas born on April 13, 2005 as a full-service auto repair, since we made a serious, honest, and guaranteed promise in which our primary concern is the satisfaction of our customers.

Arandas Auto Services has a team of professional diagnosis, a staff with the capacity and expertise to meet the needs of your car, visit us we would be happy to assist you.


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FOR SMOOTHER SHIFTING AND REDUCED HEAT, FRICTION AND WEAR Heat, friction and wear are the enemies of a transmission. While ordinary transmission fluids are better than ever, they do have their limitations to mitigate the heat and strain that transmissions undergo. Vehicles with high mileage that...

Xtreme Green’s® XPL-101 Penetrating Spray Lubricant has 101 uses: Home, Automotive, DIY and Shop just to name a few. It has been formulated with XPL+ lubrication technology which bonds to metal and a special “Stays Where it Sprays” formula, XPL-101 simply works better and lasts longer than...