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Arandas born on April 13, 2005 as a full-service auto repair, since we made a serious, honest, and guaranteed promise in which our primary concern is the satisfaction of our customers.

Arandas Auto Services has a team of professional diagnosis, a staff with the capacity and expertise to meet the needs of your car, visit us we would be happy to assist you.



Xtreme Green’s® XPL-101 Penetrating Spray Lubricant has 101 uses:
Home, Automotive, DIY and Shop just to name a few.

It has been formulated with XPL+ lubrication technology which bonds to metal and a special “Stays Where it Sprays” formula, XPL-101 simply works better and lasts longer than ordinary spray lubricants.

We guarantee that once you use this product you will never settle for anything else!

Need to lubricate a hinge, lock, chain or sliding door?
One spray and it’s done. The formula is designed to bond to metal and provide immediate and long-lasting lubrication for any moving metal parts.

Rusty bolt doesn’t want to come loose?
Penetrates into tight crevices and easily loosens rusted, frozen or sticky mechanisms. It also cleans grease, tars, adhesives and rust.

Need protection from moisture and corrosion?
By bonding to the metal and leaving a non-conductive film which displaces moisture, XPL-101 provides a durable layer of protection from the elements. Great for drying out ignitions and other electrical systems.

Cleaning and lubricating your fishing reel or gun?
XPL-101 bonds to the metal to dramatically lower heat and friction and provide durable corrosion protection, making it an outstanding lubricant for any firearm or fishing reel.

Drilling metal and generating heat?
XPL-101 has been proven in tough industrial applications to greatly reduce heat and friction, which means less wear on drill bits and faster drill speed.

Need to remove grease, tar or adhesive?
No need for solvent cleaners. XPL-101 penetrates and dissolves grease, grit and grime, leaving behind a protective film that makes it easier to keep clean.

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